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Originally Posted by Pointshoot
I've come across ads in GunBroker, GunsAmerica, etc where private parties are selling guns and state that the buyers FFL must be willing to accept a gun from a private party. When I contacted some of these individuals they said that they use a local FFL to ship handguns by Priority Mail. So, if the seller is using an FFL to ship the gun - - why wouldnt a buyers FFL accept it ?
Some FFL holders only want to accept a shipment from another FFL because of issues trying to get the name and address of the person that shiped the firearm to them. If the firearm is shipped from one FFL to another, and the shipping FFL sends a copy of his FFL with the firearm, or emails/faxes it before hand, the receiving FFL will have the information required.

Also, if the receiving FFL does not want to accept delivery of a box/parcel from UPS, USPS or Fed Ex, he can refuse delivery for it when the driver attempts to deliver it. At that point it is still a box/parcel and not treated as a firearm, because it was never received, but the delivery was refused. I know of a few FFL's that do this if they are not expecting a box/parcel from a unknown person, such as a non-ffl holder shipping a firearm, or if there is major visable damage to the box/parcel, etc.

The receiving FFL has to log every incoming gun into his books, and it can be a hard thing to do when the only information is an illegible return address wrote on the box.

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