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Ozzieman said
"A lever action in 44 special, not just 44 magnum. I hear all the “you can shoot 44 specials in 44 Mag lever guns” Yea but show me one that doesn’t jam from time to time. I have 2 and both have jammed so bad that the gun had to be dissembled."

Uberti (Cimarron etc) makes just what you're asking, albeit a bit pricey (compared to Rossis 'n such).- - thoie Win 73 (and 66, IIRC). Not a .44, but Rossi used to make (a very limited number of) 92s in discreet .38 Special, and I believe you could probably send one off to Steve Young (aka Nate Kiowa Jones) to have a .44 Mag 92 rechambered to just .44 Special.

I'll add I'd like to see a Win 92/clone (Rossi etc)--and Marlin for those fans--in .327 Fed Mag that'll also feed its shorter "special" .32 H&R.

I'd +1 the ideas of a working-grade Win 94 built on these shores.again, as well as the 92 (amazingly not built here since 1941!!) Re the 94, I'd say while my preference leans toward the top ejects and especially Pre 64s, the market may demand scope-ability, so if so I'd say build 'em to no-later-than pre safety AE spec.
Re the 92, too bad USFA seems to be hurting or at least lagely missingl-in-action these days, they'd be the perfect one to build a proper (no safety b.s.) Pre War spec 92.

I think what's kept the .357 from semi-auto carbine application is difficulty in the rimmed cartridge feeding through a stick mag. That leaves very low cap rotary, which like the Ruger .44s, over time have found only a iimited and almost specifically hunting appleal and market. Not sure how well a tube fed (.22 like) auto would work.

I like the idea of resurrected "old school" (Marlin Camp, etc) pistol-caliber carbines. Re the "new school" carbines, I'd say abndon the idea of mag's shared with only "that" company's pistol (Beretta etc) or even "takes 1911..." but have their own proper, heavy duty hi cap mags befitting a long gun, a la the M1 carbine's.
While we're at it, resurrect Ruger's PC carbines, put on a 1/2-3/4 pound weight loss diet, and again given a proper heavy duty hi-cap mag specific to the rifle, not "shared with Ruger pistols.

Semi-auto (M1A, AR, etc) in 7mm-08 (and .243) "just because." Would take same mags as .308 I'd think?

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