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Originally Posted by Crow Hunter
It needs to be a fair contest.

Underbidding a contract by "forgetting" royalties, isn't a fair contest.

There are a lot of shennanigan that often go on behind the scenes in all of these deals.

I don't blame Colt for protesting. If you lost a contract because someone underbid you by say 3% and the contract was awarded by not taking into account the 5% paid to you for the design is not a fair contest. That deal isn't actually mathematically cheaper.
I agree, it needs to be a fair bidding contest. Unfortunatly, the M4 contract has been plaqued by mishandling of the bid process in the past as well. Some may remember that there was a solicitation for accessories for the M4, which caused the Navy to distribute the TDP (technical data package) to other companies. As a result, its been an issue since when there is a bid for M4's.

FN, has tried to make unsolicited bids in the past, and has even gone to court over it, but lost.

Originally Posted by Metal god
Because the cost of going through the process yet again will likely be a colossal waste of taxpayer money
Great point
While I agree it is a costly process and I wish there was a way to avoid it, a completely honest and fair bid process is what I feel is the right thing to do for all the companies involved.

With the mishandlings in the past with the M4, the only way to get past them and move forward is to finally make sure this and any other bid process honest and fair.

For those who feel that going forward with an unfair bid process (according to the original posted article) is the right thing to do, care to explain why?
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