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My attitude is once they hit the stairs, they are no longer a burglar. They have now put my family in jeopardy.
This ... the bedrooms are upstairs and so is the family, the stairs are the boundary, the line between steeling my tv and threatening my family, step on those, you get shot.

I've thought about being vulnerable about shots through the floor too, at the top of my stairs is the main bathroom with all tile. That makes the floor 3/4" plywood, 1/2" cement board, 1/2" tile/cement, with 5/8 of sheet-rock before that (ceiling below). The bathroom floor should offer some protection. The kids have those captains beds that are packed full of junk underneath, they just need to stay in their beds, and the wife can shelter in the master bath ... also tiled. I think shots through the floor are unlikely, but you do think about those things.
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