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The point is that we all need to reach out to others. The nanny state is trying to make gun owners go into the closet like the homosexuals used to be. Resist that! Gun owners are usually good people and as long as we are squeeky clean in our actions and words on the subject, there is no harm in extending friendly invites and conversation to our neighbors and fellow countrymen. More and more people are becoming new gun owners because of the political climate, and it is very important for us to lift these people up a little bit, with friendship, advice, and neighborliness. This strengthens the people and sets the nanny state back. There is minimal risk involved in this if you think about it. All of you fence sitters who have one leg in the closet and are ready to hide are hurting our cause for little reason other than paranoia. Please re-think your position and stand up for yourselves and our country.
I'll reach out to other gun owners and non-gun owners when the political persecution stops. In the meantime, I keep to myself about guns or only converse with fellow gun owners in person that I know aren't rabid Right Wingers trying to label me an anti-gun commie. it's a sad state of affairs when gun owners of all political stripes can't even come together
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