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Congrats on a fine eating doe.

Awesome blood loss. Speaks well of the Shwackers.

Some years back, a shoulder injury caused me to switch from a compound shooting fixed blade broadheads to a crossbow. I still stuck with fixed blade broadheads due to the bad propaganda I'd always heard about mechanicals. Such as, they don't open or the opening of the blades takes to much energy away you don't get sufficient penetration.

Switched to 'Redhead Gator' mechanicals the 2nd. year of using the crossbow and never looked back. They fly and hit POA exactly like field tips. Judging by the huge wound channels, have never failed to open and if I do my shot placement part, always have pass through.

Looks as though the Shwackers do a great job as well.

Looks like there's two styles of mechanicals out there that work as claimed, eh.
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