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W 231 vs W 296 for .30 M1 Carbine
Im reloading .45 ACP with 231 and was loading 30 Carbine with 296 before it ran out. Im now wondering about how well 231 does in 30 Carbine.

Before any of you old timers get worked up, I dont intend on just using these powders interchangeably. Im well aware that 296 is too slow for 45 ACP.

W231 for a plinking 30 CAR load? "

I'm one of those weirdos that thinks that just about any powder can be used in any casing. But just because a load could be worked out, why? First off, this hypothetical load would be 'ifiy' at best in operating a gas operated M1 Carbine. Mite work, sort of, as a single shot.
I know of a fella that says he is working on sub-sonic loads of another 30 cal rifle with 231/HP38 and I have no question that it can be done. But we come back to the question of why?
I know of a loading that runs 'Unique' powder (6 to 6.5gr) under a 115gr lead bullet and it reportedly functions the action.

For 'pinking', you will want the load to be safe and functional and cheap. I feel that these goals can be achieved with more conventional powders and a lot simpler. Look into cast lead loads.

I'm not about to slam you. To the opposite, if this is an exercise in experimentation and all safety matters are full included, go for it. But, please make sure all of your ducks are collected and lined up before you do anything that could hurt you or others.

Be safe,

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