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Originally Posted by bigminnow
It looks like the barrel on the Pro 550 is longer...there is one barrel tang on both of them...
I think that you mean that there's only one wedge pin that attaches the barrel to the stock instead of there being two like the Lyman Great Plains rifle.
TC's have a hooked breech with the "tang" part being screwed into the stock so there can only be one.

Originally Posted by bigminnow
]Anyone ever hear of a T/C Hawken Pro 550 50 Cal? If so, what is the difference between it and a T/C Hawken 50 Cal?
I'm not familiar with the Pro 550 model designation. I do recall some sort of TC factory made "express" model with a 32" barrel and possibly having 2 folding leaf sights. I don't recall many details about it but TC has made special limited runs of some of their models in the past.
How did you hear about the TC Hawken 550 Pro?
Can you provide us with a link to it or more details?
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