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I'm curious if Amsdorf is playing it safe, or perhaps talked to the parents? He hasn't posted back in awhile. This is a good thread, and provides much food for thought for all.

I'm reminded of something that happened about 5 or 6 years ago, where I used to live. Most of my neighbors were stand offish and pretty much kept to themselves. I rolled up in front home from work and seen the two neighbor boys (6-8 yrs old?) having a shoot-out with toy rifles. One was in his yard with a rifle over the fence, sighting in on his brother who was across the street hiding behind a tree with his rifle. I got out of my truck, and my path around the front of my truck and up my driveway took me into the line of fire. I noticed that both boys went to low ready so as not to sweep me with their muzzles, and the closer boy brought his finger alongside the triggerguard (!).

I immediately felt the rush of pride that a dad feels when his kids do it the right way. I had taught my kids to not point toy guns at non-combatants, and recognized that this is exactly what was going on with these two. The next day I seen their dad outside and just had to go over and shake the mans hand and give him kudos for his kids courteousness, and let him know that they're doing it right. When I said I'd like to talk to him about his kids, he got that worried look on his face, like they did something wrong.

I told him that I just had to shake his hand and say good job with the kids for teaching them the right things, and recounted what happened. Then his face turned to that thoughtful pride look and he cracked a smile. It turned out that dad was a Deputy Sheriff and pretty concerned as to whether he should even let the kids play with toy guns because of (the nanny state). We all went shooting together once, and had a blast. I let the kids shoot my Bearcat and 10/22. Just being neighborly.

The point is that we all need to reach out to others. The nanny state is trying to make gun owners go into the closet like the homosexuals used to be. Resist that! Gun owners are usually good people and as long as we are squeeky clean in our actions and words on the subject, there is no harm in extending friendly invites and conversation to our neighbors and fellow countrymen. More and more people are becoming new gun owners because of the political climate, and it is very important for us to lift these people up a little bit, with friendship, advice, and neighborliness. This strengthens the people and sets the nanny state back. There is minimal risk involved in this if you think about it. All of you fence sitters who have one leg in the closet and are ready to hide are hurting our cause for little reason other than paranoia. Please re-think your position and stand up for yourselves and our country.
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