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The late Jim Cirrilo once told a story of a Mafioso getting five shots in the head via a Chief's Model 36, at close range. All round nose lead bullets. three hours later, all the holes were stitched up, and the Mafioso was walking out of the hospital. The bullets went AROUND the skull and exited on the other side!

So much for round nose lead bullets, for me!

Have a look at some .22 hollow point bullets. They are 'truncated cone' designs. That is what we, in .38 Special, call a 'semi-wadcutter', without the hollow point. They go 'splat' nicely.

'Wadcutters' are 'lead soda cans' in specific caliber. They load flat to the cartridge surface. They make caliber-sized holes, and do not deflect. They do have enough behind them to get in where they need to go.

If you can put them between the shirt pockets, do so with all authority!
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