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Yes, it is psychobabble, foisted upon us by those that have to display their collegiate wallpaper.

A revolver is just that. An auto-pistol is just that, as it is called by the general public.

The same folks that use the term "platform", are the same folks that make a revolver that you can put a red-dot on top and a flashlight underneath, in an attempt to out-do the actress of memory Adrienne Barbeau and her scoped Python with the eight inch barrel. Look at the latest S&W creation, and you will see.

A Mcdonnell-Douglas Phantom II F-4E/G aircraft was a 'launch platform'! it could drop bombs, fire missiles, and the E-series could get you with the internal GE gatling gun!

A handgun is NOT a 'platform'. They are manufactured, each in ONE caliber only. You have to physically change out a slide and barrel and magazine, to make a change, or, remove the barrel and cylinder from the frame.

That does not make a platform.
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