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robertsig I like georgia arms ammo and use it as my CC ammo and practice ammo in general . It is allways for sale at area gun shows so no shipping. There balistic tips are both fast and very accurate. Even the canned heat they sell is a solid shooter for reloaded mixed brass .There new reload ammo from hunting to target /match is sub moa ammo depending on your rifle an skills. Cheaper than remmy cor lok too if you order enought to make if worth while. I still use there 150gr NBT in my 308 .

Where your at look at UNDERWOOD ammo if you start hunting . The SST bullet that they load is also a very good bullet design and sub moa in my 7mm. They are in west virginy. First time I have change ammo in my 7mm in 20 years.

You might also try to leave more time between groups . Get some KG-12 for a good barrel cleaning. Do Not use a bore snake. Get a good 1 piece rod and heavy duty nylon brushs to push a patch thru and unscrew the brush , don't pull it back , clean every 15 or 20 rounds too. VFG pellets on a piece of weed eater line with one end mushroom to hold the pellet on it works very well to for barrel cleaning at the range.

Simms make an X-RING that does help tune and stabilize barrels. Cheap too.
This might help with cold barrel shots.
Keep a log for ammo used and how it shoots so even a cold barrel shot can be place where you want it.
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