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Originally Posted by dickydalton
Why are they scarce?
My guess is that the major importers/distributors only order the number of each model that they project that they can sell in the period of time between orders.
And the distributors may only order several times per year due to the cost of shipping a volume of guns and the lengthy amount of time involved for them to be received from Italy.
If sales of some Uberti C&B models are slow in the U.S., then the distributors may not want too many leftover guns sitting on their shelves for a long period of time since that would tie up their money in inventory. And Uberti makes so many different model and variations.
The 1862 Police were scarce for a while but now seem to be back in stock in greater numbers. No one really knows for how long or all of the reasons why. However it seems to be cyclical based on ordering, production and demand.

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