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She got Shwacked...graphic images.

Well, let me start this story by saying that I am not bragging about this typical 1 1/2 old Michigan doe at all. Truth be told, I normally would have passed on this little lady and saved the doe killing for later on in the season. However, I just changed my set up on my crossbow and wanted to do some product testing. I switched from standard carbon bolts to lighted as well as switching from Muzzy 125 gr fixed blades to Shwackers 125 gr. mechanicals. I shot her at 9:06 am yesterday morning. I could clearly see the lighted nock as it entered her broadside from 30 yards away. Also, I watched as the bolt exited at a slightly different angle and carried an additional 30 yards. More important, I could see it, light blazing, as it came to rest on the forest floor 60 yards from my blind. As for the doe, she went about 40 yards, stopped, flicked her tail, and fell over dead in under 10 seconds. In short...........I likey.
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