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Mr. Pond,

If you are only loading for one caliber and only loading sporadically you'll have a problem recovering the seemingly never ending cost of buying stuff.

I started reloading 26 months ago, and am now reloading for 7 rifles and 5 hand guns.

I shoot at least once a week and put a lot of rounds down range.
The sickness comes when you measure all your groups and chronograph a large percentage of them in your search to find the 'perfect load' for each rifle.

Last week I reloaded my 13,800th round with the vast majority (12,000) of them rifle rounds.
I have kept all my expenses, even the factory rounds that I bought before I started hand loading. Since I am an "accuracy nut", I have been able to improve on factory ammo accuracy by hand loading for every rifle I have loaded for. In fact, several of them have their top 10 loads averaging well under 0.5 inches at 100 yards (.223, .22-250 and .308 - all with heavy barrels).

Overall, I have saved about 70 cents per rifle round that I have hand loaded.

The hand gun ammo doesn't save anywhere near as much.
That has more than paid for my investment in reloading equipment, but I still have spent thousands of dollars in powder, bullets and primers.

If your addiction is shooting, then reloading may cost an initial investment but it can eventually 'save' you money that you will spend in building even more ammo.
You don't actually "save" anything but it lets you shoot a whole lot more.
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