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I guess people don't know how to use their fist any more?
Dang, I wish I had arms that reached out to 30 feet!

Seriously, I remember two guys from my earlier workdays (many years ago) that were meaner than a junkyard dog when it came to a fight. Fast forward a few years and now one of them is dead (12 guage buckshot to center of mass by a guy that didn't want to fight) and the other is crippled up from a knife fight where only the other guy had a knife. He can still get around ok, but had serious nerve damage to one arm and would be seriously handicapped in a fist fight.

I guess the days of fair fights have passed my area by, or didn't ever exist except in school. I guess I was well-schooled by my old man. He taught me early on to stay out of other people's fights, avoid any of my own making, and when forced to fight, forget about fair and use whatever means necessary to put the odds in my favor. I guess I am a true believer.
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