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Those groups look to me to be 1 to 2 MOA in size.

10 shot ones have confidence levels of about 65%.

Some competitive shooters use the exact same reloading tools and techniques as hunters and sport shooters and shoot groups just as good as the BR shooters do with rifle hardware costing 4 times as much. A rifle that shoots as good as what the BR ones do doesn't need to cost more than 1 kilodollar. And good scopes can be had for under 400.


Do what you want with your reloading tools and techniques. If you have to crimp bullets in for best accuracy, then I think you're doing something wrong with your tools and techniques that crimping partially corrects. Use the right tools the right way and crimping ain't necessary.

PS: it would be interesting to see what physical differences there were (are?) between the crimped and non-crimped rounds. Bullet runout, case headspace dimension and spread, chamber headspace, bullet release force, case neck centering on case shoulder, etc.

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