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Interesting story. My dad used to build guns, so my bro and sis and myself have grown up around them. We all got out of guns for a while and just recently, I picked up shooting with my oldest son (two years ago). We've got a nice choice of "shooters". A couple of weeks ago, I asked my brother if he wanted to go to the gun shop with me. He did, and bought a 9mm, him-hawin' the whole time about whether he should, does he REALLY need one, etc.

less than a month later, he owns an AR, an SR22 and a 30-30 Marlin. I can't say that I'm helping him much, we went to the gun store and BOTH walked out with goodies! He started on the tactical route but, the lever gun is starting to grow on him now.

My sister is coming down to visit over Christmas and I've got to be sure that we've got some 9mm rounds since she's bringing down HER firearm!
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