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It needs to be a fair contest.

Underbidding a contract by "forgetting" royalties, isn't a fair contest.

There are a lot of shennanigan that often go on behind the scenes in all of these deals.

I don't blame Colt for protesting. If you lost a contract because someone underbid you by say 3% and the contract was awarded by not taking into account the 5% paid to you for the design is not a fair contest. That deal isn't actually mathematically cheaper.

Nor is submitting a bid based on modifying the delivery requirements, which is one of the things I suspect may be part of the argument. Remington is saying it isn't fair because now Colt "knows their bidding strategy".

When I used to take bids from suppliers for equipment, if a company bid a job to a modified specification and it was acceptable, I gave all companies an opportunity to bid to that modified specification. Otherwise, they were told to bid to the specifications.
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