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Jokes aside, the reason I currently am a member of a "professional" gun club/range is that it seems to me that a lot of idiots have been buying firearms lately... and I have seen some really scary behavior at less safety conscious public ranges where they won't kick you out for being an idiot. Likely because the range master is an idiot who attended one NRA safety course.

Stuff I've seen:

-shooting metal target holders out of frustration and sending ricochets back uprange
-not clearing guns before resetting targets
-pointing loaded firearms in any other direction besides downrange. I had an idiot have a misfeed which jammed the slide in his Ruger POINT THE BARREL OF HIS GUN AT ME when he backed away from the range and then tried to hand the gun over to me, still barrel first, to see if I could clear the blockage. I almost swatted it out of his hand to point it back downrange.
-drawing on ranges that specifically forbid it
-setting up right next to the left of you in an empty range (when they can just as easily set up 10 yards away) then sending brass flying in your face because they're shooting an overpressured ammo
-wandering onto the range because they've dropped their earmuffs without calling a "cold" signal.

Offenders usually are college age idiots with new plastic guns. Groups of two or more are scary, and it gets worse if they have a girl in short shorts they're trying to teach to shoot like a badass. I saw a girl clear a smouldering round with a bad primer into a TRASH CAN, then have it cook off behind her like a firecracker.

Morons like these give gun owners a bad name.

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