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Tour of the SWAT team's armory. Wow!

My fire station sits between a prison, two jails, and two firing ranges, one public and one LEO. The Sheriff's Office was putting a couple dozen new hires through OC/CS training today and we were asked to stand by for EMS.

The new guys and girls get sprayed on the forehead with Freeze +P brand spray, then they run a bit, punch a dummy, run over to a punching bag and do knee strikes, do a weapon retention thing, shoot two Sim rounds at a 7 yard target, then cuff a downed dummy. Then they are free to wash off, cuss, choke, cry, etc. But anyway...

Afterwards I was asking one of the instructors about the blue Glock and the sims rounds and got to fire a couple at the steel target. That led in to a discussion about duty ammo (180gr Gold Dot .40, 55gr Federal bonded JSP in .233, Federal OO low recoil with Flite Control wad 12ga, and 102gr Gold Saber .380). Then that led to a discussion about ammo for a rifle I'm building for an officer in another agency, which eventually led me to thier armory....

At that point I believe I may have died and went to heaven. Imagine a rack of pre-1986 M16A1s, some FA, most semi. A couple of Colt Commandos, 40mm Penn Arms launchers, A half dozen AR15s (siezed guns) an Arsenal AK (seized) a couple of pistol grip Mossberg 500s (seized) various handguns and hunting rifles (siezed). They use the seized guns for scenario training and familiarization, and occasionally for spare parts. There was a rack of civillian paintball guns amd some Pepperball launchers and a half dozen LTL shotgun setups. There was also a rack of three MP5-Ns one of which had a suppressor ("oh, some factory rep dropped it off for us to test, but then he got fired or quit and they never asked for it back"). Oh, and the M60E3 and the M2 .50. Plus 250,000 rounds of .40 FMJ, 50,000 of framgible for the steel range, and 60,000 of Gold Dot. Plus cases of 9mm 147gr and stacks of 12ga. Arwen gun ammo, gas, pepperballs, etc. It was fascinating, a great learning experience, and all in all a good day spent with fellow gun nuts. I even got an invite to bring the kids over when its time drive the M113 APC around, my kids love those things. When they come to the station they get bored with fire trucks "lets go see the tanks dad!"

And no new hires were harmed, although there was some vomit and some whining. Taser day is in another month, we'll see what happens then.
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