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Browning B-92 I broke it

Hi guys,

I've just managed to snag a Browning b-92 lever action in 357 magnum, it was awesome. i say was because i tried taking it apart as far as i could and cleaning it.

Problem is i never got any further then to take out the screws on the receiver side plates. Once i got them all out i released you have to remove the stock to take out the bolt and so i put all the screws back to start over.

That's when my problem hit. When i work the lever it now feels a little more 'limp'. It's not loose but feels a bit looser.

When i point the gun up to the sky and down to the ground the firing pin now also slides back and forth completely limp. Im certain i didn't lose any parts, but have no idea what I've done wrong.

Any ideas?
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