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With regard to foolish behavior types, there's ignorant and there's stupid.

You can't fix stupid.

You can fix ignorant, so long as ignorant isn't in cahoots with bad attitude - but then, that would be stupid.

I've run into the occasional ignorant (IE untrained, uninformed, but not willfully stupid) shooter while at public ranges. Assuming they didn't seem to actually mean any harm, and assuming they seemed approachable, it struck me as a better idea to try to teach them good habits, than to turn them into the range officers or management types.

Guess I've been an ok judge of character, since I haven't received negative attitude from those guys. The ones I've approached have been happy to receive some gun handling advice, and to improve their target shooting while they were at it.

It takes a bit more effort than does a quick report to the RO, but it probably has better long term results for the shooting community.
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