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If you want high volume (and reloading isn't about speed -its about consistency and accuracy of my rounds ) / but if you want high volume 800 - 1,000 rds an hour ...then the Dillon 650 is the way to go with a case feeder.
I can only reload those speeds with mine when I can convince the wife to be my "automatic primer tube filler". She'll can easily fill 5 primer tubes in the time it takes me to load 500 rounds, but I have to be very nice to her after.

I got my Dillon 650 from evilBay. It was some small dealer in the USA that seemed to have decent ratings that would ship USPS to Canada. (Canadians cannot buy stuff shipped from Americans via UPS because we get hosed in brokerage fees that often cost more than the product itself.) The guy was great and fixed me up with EVERYTHING I needed - case feeder, extra primer tubes, flip tray, dies, spare parts kit, powder check, and some after market stuff such as the primer catcher adapter to replace Dillon's stupid cup thing. He gave me a great package deal that was WAY less than what Dillon itself quoted me, like 30% less at least. He charged me $75 international shipping too, which was great considering how HUGE and heavy the box was.
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