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Will mall ninjas rule the world after the election?

I was at an indoor range today and thought occurred to me.

Several young gentleman on the next lane were practicing shotgun patterns with their tacticool .223 AR, 9x19 plastic rifle and .40 Glock.

All demonstrated poor range safety and etiquette. One of them even ND'd on the concrete floor.

However, judging from the way employees from the gun store interacted with them, and they way they treated my bolt action and Side by side (both current production) like some C&R pieces. My guess is these young gentleman and their choice of firearms were the core customer of many gun store these days.

Perhaps they were onto something.

Imagine a scenario where social order is lost (say after an bad election) or the postulated zombie apocalypse (which I still don't get). These fine young gents with their awesome firepower, (ie deagles, plastic rifle with lasers and tacticool shotguns with multi-megawatt lights) would certainly elevate to the top of the social food chain.

How am I going to defend my wife, food and truck with my feeble 20ga, wearisome bolt-action or my anemic .380 1908?

Perhaps we should stop making fun of them and go out and buy a Glock 18.
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