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I have never been in a gun fight, been in lots of fights. At 77 YOA this month, I most probably not going to be in one, you never know, but the odds are against it.

I was once in a fist/feet, fight in a nice Indian Restaurant in St Helens Lancashire, UK. The year was 1968.

The physical equivalent to a No Shoot, was sitting with his Wife, in a nice brown suit, collar and tie, gleaming black shoes.

It was not that big of a Restaurant. I got dragged into this fight (first Wife had a mouth problem, opened it at the wrong time, sorry Irene!)

In the excitement, fighting 4 Yobs, is kind of exciting, the afore mentioned Gentleman (In Brown Suit) jumped to his feet, off to my right, just inside my peripheral vision, I spun, and kicked him in the chest!

Just a couple of minutes, fight was over, whilst these young chaps thought you had to talk/swear, to warm up to fight! Thats how they do it in the movies!

I had not been to that school, came out kicking and punching (I know, we Brits are uncouth) American Citizen now!

Mr. Brown Suit was sat on the floor, against the wall, opening and closing his mouth, like a fish.

Imagine his Wife, dressed nice as well, in a broad Lancashire accent said to me, "What did you hit my Husband for?"

Me, swamped in adrenalin, answered "I don't know" very intellegent answer, that No Shoot had no holes in him, but was badly winded.
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