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What velocity do you get with this load?
What accuracy do you get at 100 yards?
I didn't think Varget was too good in 223.
If I recall, it was in the neighborhood of 3240-3250fps with a 24"bbl.
At 100yds, I can pull off about a .39" 5-shot groups with my CZ 527's, I've never been overly optomistic with 3-shot groups. And .50" groups or less with my Bushmaster Varminter and RGuns 20" A3 non-chromed.
I'm not sure why (or where) Varget got a bad rap- it's always had a good strong following at Camp Perry and several Varmit Hunter forums and organizations.

I dump light and trickle up each weighed charge, but I guess others prefer to just run powder dumps and call it good. I guess they have a legitimate gripe that Varget is an extruded powder that gives most, or maybe all powder dumps the crunchies. Yeah, I can feel when I cut a grain, but it does not bother me- and it has yet to cause any ill effect that I can see.

On the other hand, Varget is one of the cleanest powders I've tried in .223- been using it for 11 or 12 years now I think, and with the results I get I see no reason to change things up. I don't shoot in extreme heat or cold unless I have to- but one of Vargets big advertisements is it's ability to be non-effected by extreme temps or temp changes. I shoot a few high power matches with my above mentioned varmint load, and sometimes let a ctg sit in a hot chamber longer than I intend, and I see no bad effects from that.
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