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Hate to say it, but a lube pad is still cheap and works great.
1) If using carbide dies, no need to lube (though it does help with 9x19 cases). Lube every fifth 9x19 case and things will go smoother.
2) I prefer any of the light hand-pump units from Frandford Arsenal or Dillon. Diluting the Lee case lube in water and using a hand-pump works well. Nice thing is, I have found no reason to worry about these lubes on the cases.
Spray on a bunch of cases and "tumble lube" them. Wait 1-2 minutes for all the propellant and solvent to flash off.
3) For rifle cases, you can use the RCBS lube die. This will lube the body of the case and deprime the case. Just need to watch the lube level every few hundred cases.
For bottleneck cases, you discover inadequate lube by sticking a case in the die. Hasn't happened to me in about 40 years of reloading, but I consider that as maybe more luck then skill. Sooner or later...
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