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Sweet shooter, I am one of the people that "grows your meat". At least beef anyway. I don't know what you mean by having the government put more money into ethically growing your meat but i definitely don't like the sound of it. I got pneumonia two years ago because I worked 36 hours straight with a wind chill of 50 below zero. We never lost a single calf. Not one. I was milking a cow at 2 am to tube feed colostrum to a new baby calf who was too cold to nurse. He was in an insulated pen with a space heater, heat lamp, and i.v. with warmed fluid. I spend more time with cattle than with my own son. I can't speak for everyone but i resent the implication that I raise "your meat" in an unethical manner.

As for the topic at hand.....both. I buy guns, ammunition, and reloading supplies as often as i can.
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