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The problem with Chinese manufactured products...

The problem is very rarely with the design - especially not in products manufactured for American companies -- the problem, when there is one, is with Quality Control (not with quality per se).

In general, manufactured products coming from China are more likely to vary from one batch to another compared to similar products made elsewhere. One sample of a product may be absolutely flawless in fit and finish, while the next sample of the same product may be defective.

This is a trivial matter if you have the opportunity and knowledge to thoroughly inspect the specific one you are going to buy before buying it. If you can't inspect it before you buy, then you have to rely on the inspection by the importer/seller and the willingness of the seller to resolve any problems.

Reports on the Stevens 320 and 350 as sold by Savage, have been good so far; but for ANY product coming from China I'd be a lot more comfortable buying one that I could handle thoroughly before purchasing AND that came with a warranty from a company I had faith in.
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