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Twist?A 1 in 12,1 in 11,1 in 10,all might be possible.That may help select bullet weight.
I'm sure I can find out what my barrel's twist rate is (I found one ambiguous reference to 1 in 10), but so far I have not learnt what a different rate can mean, nor how that relates to bullet choice!!

Ideally, eventually, I want to shoot at longer ranges. One day I hope to try 1km!!
All that is a long way off, but one thing I understand is that practice is key.

On the one hand I'd like loads that I can affordably load, but that are also potentially up to that job. So do I go cheaper, lower BC Sierra or higher, more expensive Lapua? Do I even go for a heavier bullet to give better long range accuracy?

Those are the questions I am asking myself. I thought a 150gr bullet was heavy enough to stay on track at longer distances without the same degree of bullet drop of a heavier bullet, whilst also costing less and needing less powder per charge...
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