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Ive served, so "playing soldier" is not my intention. Thanks
I'm trying a heavy high BC, heavy gr bullet BC I'm trying to develop a load that if I had to make a long shot w still some good punch, I could. Ive made a 3 bullet stack that attaches to my picatinny that will hold 3 rounds. So if I had too I would keep 3 rounds for just that purpose. chance of me every REALLY needing it, slim to none. But hey maybe if I find that load Ill do some long range plinking, uh?

My search up is the 77gr SMK. got some loaded with Varget and the others with rx15. Im not giving up yet. If these shoot even worse then Ill know for sure it just wont handle the heavier bullets.

Thanks for the info papps! Thats some cool info
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