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I grew up out between Watertown and Waterford, in Washington County.

The more unusual wedding I attended was our nephew's, it was held out at Rinard Mills covered bridge, out North of Marietta. We then retired back to their house for a chili cookout, cooked in an old iron kettle over a bonfire. In the middle of the summertime. Perhaps they hadn't thought out the cuisine appropriate for the weather?

I know what you mean, I've enjoyed the parties held out in the country much more than any fancy deal where you had to dress up.

Out near where I grew up, they had 2 different party places. One, a 40' diameter silo, that we always called the "Hacker Club." If you couldn't "hack it", don't come! There was also Heiss's Holler, it was well equipped. They bought up an old walk-in cooler, and had the beer tap installed on the outside of it. They also had a couple of deep friers set up for fish fry's, a full gas flat-top grill, all under cover. They even had enough room under roof for a pretty decent sized dance floor, for square dances.
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