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Great cartridge that was picked up by the wrong company to standardize. I feel A-Square and Weatherby ruined the cartridge from ever being a commercial success. They just priced the rifles and ammunition out of the hands of the average hunter.

I enjoy my 03 Springfield in this cartridge, mine pushes 200 grain bullets @ 2900 fps. However, unless you are after game larger than deer it is kind of unnecessary. Since you will be chasing elk and possibly moose you'll have good medicine for that if you choose this cartridge.

The biggest problem will be finding a rifle. Cooper and Nosler chamber it you might find an old Weatherby Ultra Light, you might find a used custom that you like as well like I did. I'm acquiring the parts to build my first .338-06 to my specifications. I'm hoping to have it come in right at 8lbs all up.
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