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I don't spend much time on this Forum, but once in a great while I find something that might be of interest to some, but there always seems to be someone out there that has to be smart ass and cant see it for what it is. All that I was trying to show is that some gun smithing pioneer in the past took the time to look past all of the short comings of the Arisaka and built something out of one that would suit his needs. I'm just glad that not all of us think like you or we would all be shooting Muskets still.

No one asked you to shoot it and I damn sure not going to offer you money to do so. No wonder this Forum has such a bad reputation, guess I will go back to the Forum's that can appreciate craftsmanship and forward thinking.

Your right you don't know my "super expertise" but you do make me wonder out of almost 15000 posts how many have been insults?

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