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many of them are quite nice but they are very different animals from the modern bolt actions that we use today. they are not refined and streamlined. many times they were rugged and cranked out in the millions. other times they were very crudely made weapons made either by desperate nations trying to keep up with a war demand or by nations that just didn't have the time or inclination to refine their designs.

the mosin nagant is one of the crudest actions out there, hard to actuate, not great accuracy and tool marks that look like they were hammered out by hand. on the other hand they are very simple to take apart and clean and they are a rugged design. ammo is also everywhere and pretty cheap.

i own a pair of enfields they are great guns and I prefer them to any other milsurp out there. they have smoother actions than most and though they aren't tack drivers they still hold minute of man accuracy out to 600 meters which is better than some. 303 ammo is pretty easy to come by but not the cheapest, usually it's about the same as 30-06 as far as hunting ammo goes, I was lucky and got about 2400 rounds of good reloadable surplus and 400 rounds of premium hunting ammo for a fraction of what it would cost in stores so I rarely look at availability though it never seems to be an issue for most.

I have been looking to add an arisaka to my collection recently and have managed to get quite a bit of information from other members here at the C&R forums. here is a thread that should shine a little more light on the arisaka for you.

springfields can have very good accuracy or very bad depending on how much they were shot and if they were rebarreled at the ends of WWI and WWII. I have a 1912 made springfield that was rebarreled at the end of WWI and shoots about 2-4 inch groups with 1940-1970s surplus ammo, I have a 1943 springfield sniper that shoots sub MOA-2" with the same stuff.
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