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James K
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"Colt has been discussing bringing a DA revolver back sometime in the future, and my belief is that when they do, it'll probably be a Magnum Carry small frame type DA revolver."

If Colt does bring back a DA revolver, it would be of the new design, and made with MIM parts, because in spite of the ranting and raving they simply could not afford to make the old design revolvers today. But then, the ranters and ravers would scream that Colt was making junk and refuse to buy Colts. (Since they already refuse to buy from Ruger or S&W or Taurus, they are stuck with high quality RG 10's, I guess.)

Just in case you folks flunked Econ 101, the issue is not how much a gun costs retail, it is how much it costs the company to make. Retail price can be subject to customer pressure to some extent; manufacturing cost is fixed. If the amount the manufacturer can sell to the distributor for is under what the item costs to make, the company can either make the product a different way or go broke.

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