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Used S&W 5906

I was checking the used pistol selection at the shop next to work. They have a used S&W 5906 in stock with 1 15 round mag for $350.00

I'm assuming that's about a fair price, correct me if I'm wrong.

Second, I'm looking at trying to do a trade for it with my Kel Tec PF9.

I'd say a fair guesstimation would be that they give me $150.00 for the Kel Tec leaving me $200.00 in cash to come up with.

I've shot a couple Smiths in the past and they felt very comfortable. The PF9 is my current carry piece, but it was never comfortable to shoot.

Should I go for it? I'm planning on stopping by during lunch on Monday just to see what they would say.
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