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Well, depends on your preference/price range etc.

Personally, I like low power optics on AR's. For me, my AR is first and foremost a defensive carbine. Not a precision rifle. (I have more appropriate tools for precision). IMO, an AR optic must be usable easily from point blank range, to whatever max distance you want.

I run this: Vortex Viper PST 1-4 X 24mm in a Larue Tactical LT-104 Mount GREAT SYSTEM! I really do love it.

I have shot this system all the way out to 600 yards.

This may be outside your price range, but the Nikon series already mentioned are awesome scopes from what I have heard.

Also, you should look at a mount from Larue, or similar. (Larue mounts are not cheap, but worth every penny) Nikon makes a Larue mount "copy", so does Burris and Weaver. Can't imagine they don't work.

I would say the Nikon scope of your choice, and the offset mount, unless your budget is larger.

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