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and while racking the slide, it sounds gritty . . (Springfield stamped a fit control number, which is slightly raised, on the channel that complements the disconnector)
They're still doing this, eh?

The last couple of Springfields 1911's I bought had the same issue, and that was over 10 years ago. Some monkey with an electro engraving pen "carved" those numbers into the underside of the side, and they were so deep, I had to stone them down to get the gun to be "smooth". Gritty describes it exactly, as if the thing was loaded with sand. If I was to let it "break in" on its own, as bad as those carvings were, Id still be at it to this day.

Those two pistols, along with a couple of others (including a Loaded model) and the SOCOM I had, pretty much swore me off Springfield for good.
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