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Thanks. Luck is hardly ever on my side, usually the opposite. When I discovered this gun on Friday, I couldn't believe what I had found. I've never seen one in real life before. My Wife and I were looking for an old cast iron stove. We were at a local antique store. I asked the lady where we could find one. She said Stark Enterprizes was having a large antique sale at their shop. They do plow work, parking lot maintenance and stuff like that. Found the cast iron stove we wanted. Went inside the large shop building and saw the Dragunov sitting high up on some old slot machines. Asked want they wanted just because I was curious. They said $1000. I thought that was crazy cheap but I knew I didn't have that kind of cash. Then I posted on here about that night and people thought it was probably a PSL rifle. I felt better about not having the $1000 for this gun and was starting to think it was a PSL. Then I went to this wonderful site again to find out what the difference was. Saturday morning, I went back to the place to see which one it was. I was about 100% sure is was going to end up being the PSL. As soon as I saw it, I noticed the waffle look on the mag amd the separation between the trigger gaurd. I was in shock, it was a real Dragunov. I too a pic, posted it on here and verified that it was a Dragunov Tiger. So I called my Wife and she said I could go to the bank and get a loan. My Wife loves sniper style rifles. Here is her gun.

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