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There are hammocks and then there are hammocks. I use a modified Hennessey that I added a zipper to the bug-netting and a different, easier to set up suspension system to.

It is much more comfortable for me than it is to sleep on the ground.

The setup weighs about the same as a one-man tent of good quality. It is easier to set up "dry" and take down "dry" in the rain, as you simply put up the tarp/fly first, then set up your hammock under it, out of the rain. Reverse the order to take it down when raining.

Taking down a tent in drizzling rain and packing it away, otoh, sucks.

Anyhow, comparing a moder hammock with an asymmetrical lie to the "regular" ones where you are bent up like a banana is like comparing a Lexus to a Yugo. Sure, they both have 4 wheels and are technically a car.....
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