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Think about the *financial* decisions Colt would make if they wanted to bring the Python back...

Frame. Intricate machining with a sideplate, or cast frame like a GP-100? The GP-100 frame has to be cheaper, so that's what we'll go with. I'd probably outsource (quietly) the casting to Pinetree in AZ. Keep that to yourself, please.

Lockwork? Well, the later Troopers, Security Sixes and GP-100s have the Python lockwork BEAT on parts count, fitting required, and simplicity, so GP-100 style is the choice.

Do we make the crane assembly resemble the old Python? Well, it did only have one point of lock-up...

Pretty soon you see why a modern DA revolver looks like that. The manufacturer has to leverage technology, not hand fitting labor, to make a profit.

Buy a GP-100, and spend the other $1000 having a premium action job and a Shilen premium barrel fitted.
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