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Wow, some of you guys carry some big and heavy revolvers. I suppose with a good belt and holster a heavier gun will carry OK, and with layers of winter clothing a larger revolver can be reasonably concealed. Unfortunately, I live in MD where I can't carry often (I can't carry here at all, only when in a state that takes my UT non-res permit). If I take my 625MG with me and it is too big or heavy, I won't have my entire safe of guns to choose from. Plus, I am looking for an excuse to buy another gun. I am about to order (in another window right now) a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake holster for my 625, but I'm still thinking about a more carry friendly revolver that is more capable than my 442, 85CH and 461.

Since I spent $600 on a SIG 290 last week, I'm leaning against the S&W Nightguards for now (I may buy one later though). I'm slightly leaning against the Taurus 65 or 66 (or comparable, used, S&W 65 or 66) due to weight. It seems to me that at 4" or less, weight probably makes a bigger difference for concealability than barrel length. I'm still thinking seriously about the sub-29oz Taurus 627 Tracker in a 4" barrel, or cutting it to a 3" barrel (and losing the porting). In addition to being a big .357mag fan, I'm a big fan of calibers starting in 4, so I'm also thinking about the .44spl Taurus 445 or a used .45LC Taurus 450 (even though both are 2"), I love the .41mag so maybe the 2.5" Taurus 415 or 4" 425 .41mag Tracker, or a used 3" Rossi 720 or Taurus 431. The .44spl Charter Arms are still on the list as well. As kind of a wildcard, I could see getting a single action .45LC 3.5" ~38oz Cimarron Thunderer.

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