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Polinese, The Leupold I posted was made for the Score Hunter Class and Varmint-Hunter Class matches which is limited to a 6x . Varmint for Score can use any X scope.

Below is some information

Score Shooting
score shootingIn the sport of Benchrest there are two completely different scoring methods. In group shooting one must put five shots in the smallest group possible. In score shooting each and every shot is scored separately. Therefore, in essence, one could say that score shooting consists of twenty-five one-shot matches at a set distance (100, 200, 300 yards). By this statement we mean that once the shot is fired, and on the target, there is absolutely nothing that can change the score.

A score shooting target consists of 6 targets (a sighter target and 5 record targets) each having rings with a bull and center dot called an "x". The value of the shot is determined by the highest scoring ring touched. If the shot touches the center dot or "x", it is scored a 10X -- the highest possible score. The five record targets are added together to determine the match score -- highest possible score is 50- 5X. The sighter target may have as many shots on it as you need. The five matches are added to determine the day's score -- highest possible score is 250-25X. Since the inception of score shooting, the Varmint for Score class has reached this highest possible score of 250-25X and now records are kept by wipe-outs. A wipe-out is when the center dot or "x" is completely gone. The other classes will do the same once their records reach the 250-25X mark.

The dot that is mention for the 10x score at 100yd is only .060" in dia at 200yd dot is .110" dia you not only have accuracy rifle but scopes to match. The 10 is always easy but the x with 6x that hard.
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