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A friend of mine was given a handgun by her husband for her anniversary.

He works out of town and she asked me to work with her on shooting it.

The gun had problems and needed to go back to the manufacturer and I lent her a Ruger Security Six for the six weeks or so the gun was gone.

She got her gun back and returned my gun to me along with a loaf of pumpkin bread

Her husband is in town this weekend and we are all going to the range tomorrow.

He bought her a new Browning Buckmark for her birthday and we are taking it out.

Her husband has brothers who own Kimbers and he has the hots for one.

I am going to take the two Dan Wessons I have so he can try them out. . .who knows. . .I might have another convert

We have known them for years and I trust them. My wife had their kids in school for a while.

I would not loan a gun to someone I only knew casually.

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