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Trail Boss is only for reloading brass cartridges

Originally Posted by jtmckinney
I saw my containeer of "Trail Boss" and thought it should perform well in this revolver. Maybe it is getting away from the traditional way to load for a cap and ball with all the smoke and other things but there may be times that is what I would want....
...I searched the IMR site and they did not have any info for this powder as a black powder substitute for cap and ball....
...Anyone with any experience with this and wish to share please chime in...
Trail Boss is a smokeless powder that should never be used in a cap & ball revolver, but only to load brass cartridges.
The Hodgdon/IMR reloading data center has info. on loading Trail Boss into brass cartridges only.

And except for a .22LR conversion cylinder, it's not recommended to use any conversion cylinders in any brass frame cap & ball revolver.

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