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The cases that are using small pistol primers ...are typically the NT cases...and the headstamps reflect the NT mark ...and it means they're NonToxic (no lead) primers in those cases. I segragate them / as I find them and dump them / I don't fuss with loading them.

I still see a few NT cases in .45 acp ...and a few in other calibers like 9mm ...but they don't seem to be dominating sales in ammo because they're more expensive ( Win Clean, etc ).

I think there are some ranges out there...that were trying to go to Non Toxic ammo / or at least cut down on lead dust ..on their ranges / vs putting in better ventilation systems...but more and more ranges in my area / are selling the cheapest ammo they can find for range ammo now ...Federal white box, S&B, etc...

I load on a Dillon 650 as well ...and a small pistol primer will jam in station 1 for resizing and depriming / the depriming tip on my Dillon dies in a .45 acp case is too big to deprime a small pistol primer case. There is no doubt that it might get by some dies ..and into station 2 ( for repriming ) ....but if you mash a primer and detonate it in station 2 ...its means you're using way too much pressure seating those primers in station 2 in my view....not that it can't happen / and I always wear safety glasses.../ but in my view its an operator error ( and you should clean and inspect and sort your cases before you drop them into a case feeder ) the operator screwed up twice ..( in his sort / and using way too much pressure to seat a primer in station 2 )...
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