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My teenage daughter has one of the early M92 replicas in .357/38 that was imported by Interarms. It's a 20" stainless saddle ring carbine that's part of some long-forgotten "limited edition" run, as its serial number is "19XX of 2000." It has the front sight inserted into the barrel band and has nice wood on it. Nothing too fancy, but dark and moderately figured. We bought it earlier this year from a fellow who bought it new back in the 90's and claimed to have never fired it. Based on a pre-firing teardown and inspection, I have no reason to doubt his claim.

Her rifle was slick as snot from day one. She fired 150 mixed rounds on its first trip to the range, finishing up with fifty of my .38 Special reloads using the Keith-style 158 grain SWC over 5.0 grains of Unique. We had zero jams or mechanical drama of any kind. Accuracy was on par with any original Model 92 I've fired, and it was awesome watching her adapt to the rifle's loading and firing requirements. Early in the session she was holding her shots inside the diameter of a paper plate at 100 yards, and her time between shots kept dwindling. This tells me the rifle is inherently easy to adapt to and learn to shoot well. I've not noticed this when she's tried out any of my black guns.

While the early Interarms version may not reflect the current production guns, I think it illustrates what all the M92 clones loosely represent. They may require additional work to function smoothly, and in the case of some, may require a significant commitment to ever get sorted out (my 44-40 comes to mind!), but they are wonderful rifles for those willing to do the necessary work to "get inside of them."

Pretty sure I need a 24" 44 Magnum, next...
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