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Finally, how much did the muzzle break cost? easy to install? The thing that comes with it looks like a golf ball grenade launcher... I like the muzzle break to look cool, maybe I can just take off the cap and not use it?
I think the brake was $50 (ish). It's easy to install but like I said in the video---there is a ton, I mean ton, of hardened crud on those threads. I cleaned it several times and still couldn't get it out so I had to use a metal rod through the brake to torque it down (based on comments on the video I wasn't the only one that had this problem...).

I haven't put the detent/spring in yet but I will; I'll do a how-to video to answer those questions...

For the wood I used oak minwax stain and some steel wool.

You can take the cap off and not use it---your call but it'll work fine.
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